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ArabiaWeather | طقس العرب


Welcome to the official "ArabiaWeather​" App! The first Weather​ App in the Middle East​ and in the Arab​ World​! With ArabiaWeather you can easily find out everything related to the weather​ conditions ​in your area​ every​day and every season​!Reasons to use ArabiaWeather app: - Dedicated to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, All the Arab countries in the world!- The most accurate weather ​app in the Middle East and in the Arab world.- Displaying the daily weather conditions ​through a private ­alert window in almost real time.- Weather Notifications feature allows you to receive notifications in case of sudden weather or when a change of weather forecast occurs. You will be the first to know when a storm, sandstorm, thunderstorm, dust storm, snow storm, or any severe weather event hits your area.- “Alarm” feature allows you to receive regular notifications based on the time you set.- Gives hyper-local forecast and live national news for all the Middle­ East region​ and Arab countries.- Selection of multiple locations in your “Favorites” list.- Just a click away from sharing weather conditions with your friends on social media.- Providing an hourly weather ­forecast service up to 5 days ahead.- Get to know all lifestyle activities, such as: Sports, Health and more according to weather…- Enjoy the ArabiaWeather App, and don’t forget to share the weather with the rest of your friends.
Features- Live and real time weather forecast with the most accurate​ forecasts, accuracy​ is our value.- Everyday ​weather news and reports ​with maps,​ temperature​, and weather information and graphics​.- Notification on weather events like sandstorms, snowstorm, dust storm, heat, high heat, heat waves, waves, high temperature, thunderstorm and any other severe weather events.- Move with the seasons​! From high heat seasons to cold seasons, ArabiaWeather​ is your perfect app.- Daytime or Nighttime, ​We cover the weather changes 24/7 everyday.- Graphic Reports and real time​reports to prevent bad surprises for your future trips ​and journeys​.- Cloudy, Rainy Sunny or Windy ​you will know everything!